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Roller Conveyor System

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Conveyors of various types such as belts,rollers, wheels and chains, suit different kinds of applications. They can convey horizontally, vertically, around corners, incline and decline. Usually they are electrically driven, but often gravity – a cheap source of power – can play a crucial part as well.

One of the simplest and most widely used conveyors is a belt sliding on a sheet metal bed – called a ‘slider bed’. This is fine for most cartons and many other types of loads. But as loads increase so does friction and, eventually, a powered roller conveyor may be the preferred option, depending on the application.

Heavier loads, like pallets, can be carried onchains sliding in channelled tracks. If goods have to be merged, diverted, or accumulated, a powered roller conveyor is usually best. If cartons or totes have to be pushed onto or off the conveyor, they slide sideways better on rollers than belts or wheels.

Powered roller conveyors are usually driven from below by belts, padded chains or bands driven by rotating shaft; called a ‘line shaft’. Colby manufactures all of these conveyors and its team of professionals are well qualified to
select the right type for your application.

– Gravity Roller Conveyor
– Powered Roller Conveyor
– Pallet Conveyor

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Roller Conveyor System

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