TOCO has a team of experienced solution engineers to help you optimize storage system in your warehouse. Thanks to our CAD resources, design concepts, computer modeling, TOCO has completed hundreds of projects around the world.

We shall follow below steps to communicate with you:

1. Through email, phone, on-line video meeting or visit to completely discuss the project just from the beginning.
2. Continuously optimize the design through the communication, to achieve maximum using warehouse space and make the investment most efficient.
3. By presenting several options of storage system, you can choose the best one for your current situation or even considering future expansion.
4. Responses will be made within 1 working day.

Here are some of our solution designs as references about what we can do for you!

1. Pallet Racking


2. Mezzanine


3. Cantilever Racking


4. Shuttle Racking


5. Storage Container/Cage


For all projects, before customers arrange installation works, we would provide with detailed 3D assembly drawings to help and guide with the installation works onsite. Following are some examples:

1. Pallet Racking System


2. Cantilever Racking System


3. Steel Structure Mezzanine


All our products are with at least 1 year warranty! 

It is the promise TOCO make to the customers worldwide.

Below are something that you would feel more confidence with us and our products:

  • We carried our ISO9001:2008 as our company quality policy and CE certificates for the products.
  • Our products are manufactured complying with FEM and AS4084-2012.
  • Our QC staffs take advantages of all inspection tools and measures to monitor the quality starting from raw materials.
  • Photos of finished products and delivery can be provided upon requests.
  • Trail installation, loading capacity testing before delivery upon requests are available. A report shall be provided after the testing is carried out.
  • Products capacity certificate can be provided.


Product packages is one of the key point of quality for storage equipments. Each package would probably both heavy and high volumes. Sometimes the upright is more than 10 meters long. All those factors the products need a good package to protect them well during transportation. Customers absolutely don’t want to see damaged, scratched, loose packed products when they open the containers.

img_0005 img_0003 img_0002






Container loading operation will also affect quality of products, if factory just throw all goods into containers without considering long distance transport and discharge at customers’ warehouse. Our packaging has considered for easy and safe container loading and unloading.

TOCO also pays attention to others restrictions – weight limitation and environmental/recycled package materials, to avoid potential problems and save costs.

You will find more details which would showour considerations.

We can customize products for you!

Taking advantage of advanced machines and design ideas, we can tailor make products for customers. Samples, drawings or general requirements are to be provided for our evaluation. For some special products, minimum one full container order would be required.

Customized products usually are new rack types, special storage equipments, or even small components like upright protector, base plate, and any metal products we probably also can make for you!

We welcome your inquiry of customized products, for which we will be providing a best offer for you. Just CONTACT US any time if you have such needs.

Following are some examples of customized products.