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Automated Shuttle System

IN High Density Storage System
About Product

Four way pallet shuttle is a brand new technology of automatic compact storage system, which is involved from standard pallet shuttle. It can move in four direction on its own, and with lifter it can switch to other storage levels.

Features of Four Way Pallet Shuttle

  • Tailored for all shapes and sizes of warehouse buildings.
  • Suitable for a wide range of environments from -30°C to 50°C.
  • Stored up to 60% more pallets than standard pallet racking. and 20% more than pallet shuttle rack.
  • Ideal for manufacturing business of fast moving goods, foods and beverage industries.
  • Smart management of goods with WCS and WMS, and interfaced with ERP/SAP/MES.

The pallet shuttle is a perfect option for:

  • Companies with few items and a large number of pallets.
  • Companies with a high level of loading and unloading activity.
  • Cold storage: It is ideal for warehouses where low temperatures are required, since it takes full advantage of the storage volume and reduces manoeuvring times. The system is even more efficient when automated systems are installed, using carrier, stacker cranes or transfer cars.
  • Buffers for temporary storage or picked orders.
  • Seasonal product warehouses, where inflow and outflow depend on the season, and goods are accumulated over a period, until a given moment when they are released in bulk, as is the case for ice creams or toys.
  • Warehouses that already use a compact system and need to access a greater number of items, store more pallets in depth or increase the number of incoming and outgoing movements, thereby increasing their productivity.



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Automated Shuttle System

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