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Radio Shuttle Racking

IN High Density Storage System
About Product

Radio shuttle racking is a high-density pallet storage system making it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric carrier – Radio-Shuttle cart used. It is a “advanced version” of drive in racking, as forklift does not need to run into the aisles.

The system uses shuttles to move independently within the rack itself. The operator performs all the procedures for storing and extracting pallets simply by using a remote control.


  • Improved storage density. Up to 80% of warehouse space can be used.
  • Time saving and safe. Forklifts just take the pallets at the front of racking. No need to enter into aisles.
  • Shutter racking structure is much steadier than drive in racking.
  • First in First out, First in Last out can happen at the same time.
  • It permits the storage of different reference numbers per module.
  • Less damage to the racking units as the forklift does not enter the racking unit.
  • Compatible with different pallet sizes.
  • Ideal for large quantity with less variety. such as tobacco, chemical, beverages, foods, etc.. especially ideal for storage in frezzer and cold warehouse.
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Radio Shuttle Racking

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